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Krewe of Tucks - Fun Stuff

Uptown Messanger

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WDSU 6 Report

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Great story in the New Orleans Advocate

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The Two Who Started It All!
Bobby Reichert and Lloyd Frischhertz

WGNO Peeks Inside Coronation Ball

The Krewe of Tucks celebrated its Coronation Ball on Saturday at the Marriott Downtown. King Keith Gramling and Queen Marie Crews and their court of French Maids celebrated with booze, beads, and their toilet-themed throws. This year Tucks will be throwing something new—Tucks Tube Socks. Tucks parade rolls on Saturday, March 1st.

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Tucks flies over Dubai...

Saints player Thomas Morstead with Krewe of Tucks do rag!

Thanks from Kamikaze Switzerland

Dear Lloyd and all members of Krewe of Tucks,

Thank you so much for your letter!
We appreciate your positive feedback!

By our side, we had a lot of fun during the parades, and particularly the Tucks parade and your after party. We were all impressed by the enthusiasm of all the people, their festive and carnival spirit, their openness, their encouragements and sympathy. To be honest, we have rarely seen a so generous audience!!

Given the fabulous ambience we wished we could have more time to play at the after party!

Thanks again for having invited us to your parade and after party. Be sure these moments will remain in our memories for a very long time!

We wish we could return to New Orleans Mardi Gras and Tucks parade. Our participation in New Orleans Mardi Gras was quite a big project in terms of organization, transport (people and instruments) and finance. Of course no doubt it was worth it and all of us want to return. But unfortunately we cannot consider this every year, for financial reasons but also for availability of members and also because our carnival takes place on the same dates as in New Orleans.

However, we will of course consider returning if possible in 2, 3 or 5 years. We have to discuss about it. We will keep you informed.

In the meantime you can follow us on the internet through our website http://www.kamikaze.ch/ and/or our Facebook page named “Guggenmusik Kamikaze de Monthey”.

Thanks again for these magic moments!

Very truly yours,
Patrick Gay, responsible for the organization of our New Orleans trip and member/musician in the Guggenmusik Kamikaze, Switzerland.

Festigals take to Bourbon Street for Stiletto Stroll

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